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Financial data for Bridger, Inc., for last year are as follows

Financial data for Bridger, Inc., for last year are as follows
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Financial data for Bridger, Inc., for last year are as follows:

Bridger, Inc.

Balance Sheet

                                                                                 Beginning Balance         Ending Balance


Cash                                                                      $127,000                              $131,000 

Accounts receivable                                      $342,000                              $471,000 

Inventory                                                           $565,000                              $481,000 

Plant and equipment, net                           $846,000                              $837,000 

Investment in Brier Company                    $395,000                              $425,000 

Land (undeveloped)                                      $250,000                              $249,000 

Total assets                                                        $2,525,000                           $2,594,000 

Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity                                                        

Accounts payable                                            $372,000                              $350,000 

Long-term debt                                                               $1,034,000                           $1,034,000 

Stockholders' equity                                      $1,119,000                           $1,210,000 

Total liabilities and stockholders' equity$2,525,000                        $2,594,000 





Bridger, Inc.

Income Statement

Sales                                                                                                                                     $4,750,000 

Operating expenses                                                                                                      $3,990,000 

Net operating income                                                                                                   $760,000 

Interest and taxes:                                          

Interest expense                                                             $ 130,000                             

Tax expense                                                                      $202,000                             $332,000 

 Net income                                                                                                                      $428,000 

The company paid dividends of $337,000 last year. The “Investment in Brier Company” on the balance sheet represents an investment in the stock of another company.


1.            Compute the company’s margin, turnover, and return on investment (ROI) for last year.

2.            The board of directors of Bridger, Inc., has set a minimum required return of 21%. What was the company’s residual income last year? 

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