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Integrative-Pro Forma Statements- ANSWER KEY

Integrative-Pro Forma Statements- ANSWER KEY
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Integrative-Pro Forma Statements


Red Queen Restaurants wishes to prepare financial plans. Use the financial statements on page 155 and the other information provided below to prepare the financial plans.

The following financial data are also available:

(1) The firm has estimated that its sales for 2013 will be $900,000.

(2) The firm expects to pay $35,000 in cash dividends in 2013.

(3) The firm wished to maintain a minimum cash balance of $30,000.

(4) Accounts receivable represent approximately 18% of annual sales.

(5) The firm's ending inventory will change directly with changes in sales in 2013.

(6) A new machine costing 42,000 will be purchased in 2013. Total depreciation for 2013 will be $17,000.

(7) Accounts payable will change directly in response to changes in sales in 2013.

(8) Taxes payable will equal one-fourth of the tax liability on the pro forma income statement.

(9) Marketable securities, other current liabilities, long-term debt, and common stock will remain unchanged.

a. Prepare a pro forma income statement for the year ended December 31, 2013, using the percent-of-sales method.

b. Prepare a pro forma balance sheet dated December 31, 2013, using the judgemental approach.

c. Analyze these statements, and discuss the resulting external financing required.

If you want to view the financial statements that go along with this question you can do so by going to this website:


Then, just go to page 155 to view the financial statements.

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